Why Do Facebook Ads?

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What Will You Learn In This Lesson?

  • Why you should get into Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Ads Structure

Video Transcript

So Why Do Facebook Ads?

Some interesting facts when it comes to Facebook ads

  • 2.6 billion people use Facebook  
  • 71% of American adults use Facebook 
  • 74% of high earners are on Facebook 
  • 74% of Facebook users login daily 

and interestingly enough the average user clicks on 11+ ads per month

So exactly why should you be doing Facebook ads

  • You have the ability to target interest audiences

    When you create your ads you are able to specify what interest people have that you want to see your ad as an example if you are creating an ad to do with fitness you’re going to want someone with an interest in fitness to see it


  • Put your content in front of the right people

    With facebook ads you are going to be paying every time someone sees or clicks onto your ad, it is important that the right people are seeing that ad. If not then you could end up spending a lot of money. The right people are going to be those that are going to be interested in the article or the product you’re promoting.


  • Ability to retarget visitors to your website

    So when people come to our website, if they don’t purchase or don’t subscribe to an email list then that person is going to leave and not return. By retargeting to them, we can encourage them to return to our website and subscribe by displaying an ad on their Facebook feed.


  • Build Lookalike Audiences to expand reach

    If you have a following, you are able to create a lookalike audience. This is basically a tool that allows you to target people that have an interest or the same demographics as those of your followers. This will allow you to reach people that may not have previously been reached from your campaigns.


  • Build email lists

    A common phrase is that the money is in the ist, this has been a popular saying for many years. It’s still true now as it was 10 years ago. You see when you build an email list you can continue to build that relationship and even market to them a number of times, allowing you to earn more money from each lead. With facebook ads you can create an ad specifically designed to capture email addresses.


  • Optimise for different campaign goals

    As I just mentioned you can create ad campaigns with specific goals in mind, there are 14 altogether. Each of these goals is divided up into 3 different objectives, Awareness, Consideration and Conversion.


  • One of the cheapest ways to reach large audiences

    Unlike other paid methods, Facebook ads are still one of the cheapest ways. In the fitness niche for an example the average click is only $1.90, and a click through rate of 1%.


  • Audience is somewhere on Facebook

    Out of 7.5 Billion people on this planet, 2.,5billion of those are on Facebook. There is therefore a good chance that you will be able to find your ideal audience to promote on Facebook.


  • Can work on smaller budgets

    If you do have a small budget and you just want to test, facebook ads is a very good option. Other paid methods could cost several hundred dollars or pounds, before you even start to see results. With Facebook Ads you can start to see some results by spending as little as £5 per day. It is however recommended to leave it running for 3-5 days without touching it to give it a chance to be successful. 

So here we have the Facebook Ad Structure, which highlights where campaigns, ad-sets and ads will fall. 

Facebook Ad Structure

At the top we have the campaign, each campaign will specific on a goal such as traffic generation or lead generation. 

Below that we then have the ad-set, this is where we focus on the audience such as their location, gender, interest and demographics. It is also in the ad-you set where we set the budget and scheduling. 

Under that we then have the ads, each ad will have its own images, headline, description etc. This allows you to split test different variations, so you can see which ones work for your campaign. 

So that is why you should be doing Facebook Ads, the next lesson is all about setting up the Business Manager account and an overview of what is important.