Business Manager Setup & Overview

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What Will You Learn In This Lesson?

  • How To Create A Business Manager Account
  • Basic Overview Of Business Manager

Video Transcript

To create a business manager account, you need to go to and click on Create Account in the top right hand corner.

Facebook Business Manager Overview

You then need to add a business and account name, followed by your name and the email address you want to use for that business account. Once filled in click Next

Once you have created your business manager account you should see the screenshot below.

Business Manager Screen 2

This is basically your dashboard or overview to show you how your ads and pages are performing. At the top you can see ad account performance, so you are able to see how each ad account is doing if you have multiples. You can also change the date range, if you want to see it during a longer period. 

Below that we then have any Facebook pages that are associated with this business account. Finally on the right hand side we have any alerts that might be showing. 

The first thing we want to do is go to business settings, as nothing is assigned you can click it from the dashboard. You can also go to the top left hand corner, click the menu and then click business settings.

FB Business Settings Screen

The business settings area does look a little more complicated as there are a lot of menu items, however you will only need to know about a couple of them. Ill just go through the key ones that you will be using. 

The first thing is people, this is found at the top under users. This is basically all of the people that have access to this business account. You want to make sure your name is there and that you had admin access.

You can add new people to the account, simply click Add and then enter their email address along with what role/permissions you want them to have.

Below that we have Partners, if you are working with an ad agency to help with your campaigns then you can add them there. 

Under Accounts, we have pages

This is where you will see any Facebook Pages you have associated with this business account. You can click the Add button to add a page, request access to a page and also create a new page. 

Below Pages we then have an Ad Account, which is where we are going to hold out ads. All ads need to be under an ad account. 

If you want to do any promotions on Instagram then you need to add an Instagram account, you can just add it here and connect it with your account and this will allow you to create ads that go out across the instagram network. 

Finally we have Payments, this is where you will add a payment method so you can pay impressions or clicks that your ad gets. 

In the next lesson I am going to go through creating an Ad Account